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Bath and beauty products handmade by 2 Minnesotans living in New England

Liz was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. When she was young she used to make lotions, body sprays and lip gloss as gift for friends and family. Then she took a 25 year hiatus… But now she is back at it again! A few years ago she moved to Torrington, CT for family. There she has a cute German Shepherd named Petra and a fiance named Dylan who is forced to help make soap sometimes.

Carrie has a long history of her own that she should probably write herself (hint hint). Long story short, she used to live in Minneapolis. Liz and Carrie were in a book club together! A few years ago she moved to New England for grad school. Now she lives in between Boston, MA and Torrington, CT.

The afore mentioned Petra.